Sagada: Earth and Sky

The depths of Sagada from Lake Danum and parts of Mountain Province, up to the highest point of Philippine Highway System. The landscape, tree lines and abundant clouds in the blue sky represents the best of Mountain Province and its municipalities.






The arrangement of natural and artificial physical features of an area is very present at the nearby towns of Sagada with features that are properly distributed and highlighted, including the simplicity and care to details and how it affects the lives of people in the area.





Abundant tree lines and magnificent views that are just simply awe inspiring, a sight that is hard to forget that you will remember for the rest of the day. Look at the blue sky and appreciate how inviting it is, gaze and just wonder how nature mold itself to something this beautiful yet simple that you would wish to be part of it.



sagada-earth-sky-12 sagada-earth-sky-13

I never thought that Mountain Province can be this perfect, at first I was just expecting to see the rice terraces, the sea of clouds which is very common in the kind of topography they have.






It was not just about the common thing that the place is known for, but the cold weather itself, the deep blue sky that you wanted to just stare for the whole day, the careful attention to the artificial features that was placed to connect with the nature and become a part of it.



Everywhere you look, you’ll find beauty, simplicity and peace. I think this is what makes Sagada, Baguio and other city of Mountain Province a good place to stay, relax and to reconnect with nature.


La Trinidad Valley is where the vast Strawberry Farms are located, making it the Strawberry Capital of the Philippines. It was not the best time when we got there as the Strawberries are not fully developed and have just been planted recently because the previous storm destroyed most of the products in the farm.

Still it’s the same wonder you’d expect, might be a commonplace for those living nearby but truly a sight to that will make you appreciate the hard work and dedication of the people of La Trinidad.



This view from the rooftop of Diplomat Hotel is too beautiful to ignore. From here, you can see the City of Baguio and its neighborhood, the architectural features of each building, the houses seating on the slopes and the landscape that compliments in the background with the blue sky and abundant clouds.

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